Cremation Packages

Our cremation service packages offer convenient, dignified, and cost-effective options for you or your loved one.

You will see our prices are much lower than nearly any other funeral home. This is accomplished by our low overhead. There is no need for elaborate buildings or fancy cars in this business model; instead we can focus on providing you dignified service at the lowest prices.

Our cremation packages can be customized to meet the needs of every family that we serve.

All Cremation Packages include the following items (required to perform a cremation):

1) Basic services of funeral director and staff, 2) Transfer of deceased from place of death to our location, 3) Refrigeration of deceased, 4) Basic cardboard cremation container for the body, 5) Cremation process, 6) Coroner’s authorization fee, 7) Notification of Social Security and Veterans Administration where applicable. Note: ground transportation in excess of 25 miles of our facility is $3 per mile one way.

If you are ready to begin making arrangements online using our safe and secure website, please select a cremation package below. 


Choose one of the following packages below to start the prepayment process and lock in today’s prices. The prices below reflect the $300 Pre-Arranged and Pre-Paid Discount. If you choose not to prepay, you can still go through the selection process but the fees will not be guaranteed and you will forfeit your $300 discount.

Note: Cremation prices which are listed represent “pre-arranged” and “pre-paid” prices which reflect a $300 discount off of the regular “at-need prices.” If pre-arrangements, including pre-payment, is not made with our funeral home within 24 hours of an individual’s death, you will forfeit this $300 discount and will be quoted the regular “at-need price.” Also, prices shown do not include cash advance items such as newspaper charges to publish obituary notices, costs of death certificates, cemetery costs, or clergy honorariums.